These charitable organizations stated below
were set up in the hope to ease the pain and suffering of
handicapped, disabled and poor people in Vietnam.

These organisations always hope for the support from individuals, groups etc. those within the country and worldwide.
If you wish to help out in any way please contact these people below:

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The last resort for the people with AIDS (22.04.2003)
Maihoa Aids Center, The first house for people with AIDS in Vietnam (22.04.2003)

Organisation:/(homepage) Organisation Field: Contact:
Who are my brothers ?
Helping those with leprosy, poor, disabled. ... Organizer:
Priest Vincent Nguyen Ba Quy
Nunnery Dac Lo
97 Truong Chinh
12. Ward - Tan Binh district
Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam
Family Tephan
Taking care of disabled children, orphans, old people with no relatives. Organizer:
Friar Hoang Van Binh
469/17C Nguyen Kiem
9. Ward - Phu Nhuan district
Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam
Tel:(848) 9902079
Thuan An Center

Center for the Hearing impaired
Training new teachers to educate.
Feeding and educating deaf children.
Sister Mary Ngo Thi Mai Anh
Deputy Director
B34 Khu Pho Binh Duc
Binh Duong Province - Vietnam
Tel: 0650-755587
Fax: 0650 743007
Mai Hoa Center
Feeding people with AIDS in the last period of their lives. Organizer: Sister Tue Linh
Lo 6 - An Nhon Tay Village
Cu Chi district
Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam
Tel: (848) 8926135
Thien Phuoc Center
Feeding paralysed children, victims affected by the orange chemical and abandoned children or children with poor families. Organizer:
Sister Duong Thi Nhan
Lo 6 - An Nhon Tay Village
Cu Chi district
Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam
Tel: (848) 8926386

This website was established to introduce the charitable organization in Vietnam to those kind hearted within and out of Vietnam and donations will be directly given to those in need.
We wish to make contact with:
  • People with the same inclination to help those directly or indirectly.
  • The kind-hearted people who have once collected and transferred donation to Vietnam, help us by giving us the experience in registration and application permits.
    Those who have had these experiences please write on this webpage to help sharing your knowledge with others.
  • Those who have visited these charitable organizations feel free to share their feelings, experiences.
  • Those who have the skill to express about these feelings, please contact us.
Although we've checked over many times do not hesitate to contact us if you find any errors on this webpage.

The documents in our website have been received from a variety of sources from charities or writers. If any one disagrees with these documents, please contact us to discuss about it.

Any support. Please contact directly to these organisations above.

Who ever wishes to contribute or participate in our website, please contact:

Hoping this to be the meeting place for all people with the same aim and give a helping hand to the charities in Vietnam to reduce the suffering of poverty.